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    We worked with the D3Dimension Drafting & Design team in designing our forever dream home. From the very beginning Kirsten and her team were amazing to work with. They were incredibly creative - they spent time getting to know us (our likes/dislike), shared inspiration pictures, provided options and created our dream home. Jess was incredible with her visual renderings which brought the vision to life.
    They went out of their way to help us navigate the building process - they are such a pleasure to work with. We get so many compliments on our main house and the awesome laneway house they designed.
    We cannot say enough great things about D3 - we would highly recommend them for any project.

    Homeowner, French Modern


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    We worked with D3 Dimension Drafting and Design on a renovation for our townhouse. Kirsten and her team were very helpful with presenting some great design concepts for the remodel of our kitchen, the guest and main floor bathrooms, replacement of two fireplaces, along with new flooring throughout the house. Kirsten’s design suggestions for expanding the cabinet space and storage in the kitchen were especially useful as well as her ideas for the redesign of the fireplace in our family room.
    We also appreciated Kirsten taking the time to go on a shopping trip with us, as it gave us a good foundation for choosing vendors as well as her recommendations on style and materials.
    We enjoyed working with D3 and would highly recommend them for any project.

    Homeowner, Resolution Refresh


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    I cannot recommend D3 Design enough. They worked very closely with the city and within very restrictive design guidelines to produce a home that really works for us! From the start, the design process was a conversation and two-way exchange of ideas, with plenty of professionalism and patience. Kirsten and her team navigated the whole process smoothly. We would certainly have no hesitation in recommending D3!

    Homeowner, Peak House


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    Deciding to build a new home is a daunting task and even more so when you have no clue what you are doing. Enter D3 Dimension Drafting & Design. After meeting with Kirsten and her team for the first time, you get the instant relief that someone has your back throughout the entire process. Kirsten sat down with us to really understand our vision and concepts. She also really wanted to get to know us to gain a better feel for our personality - put a little bit of "us" in the build. Their excitement and energy really brought our project to life. But what really stood out was they weren't afraid to ask the difficult questions. Tell us "things weren't possible" but provided alternatives or options that turned out to be better ideas than what we were thinking. The D3 Team helped us through the very difficult City permitting process. They pivoted quickly, resolved roadblocks that the City put in front of us and always kept us updated. D3 helped in selecting a Building Contractor and provided a list that they trusted. We received a vision board, 2D/3D drawings, and a virtual design walkthrough video. Kirsten even came with us to select fixtures, finishings and paint colours on her time-off. Who else does that? The result of all their hard work, determination and service is the home we've dreamt of. The value we received far exceeded what they charged. We highly recommend Kirsten and her team. We met with many other Designers and if you asked us to do it all over again, we would select D3 every time. Thank you D3!

    Homeowner, Edge House


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    Kirsten designed my entire home and she was fantastic. She planned everything and gave me a few options for wall colours, wallpaper, tiles and flooring etc, which made it a lot easier on me. I didn’t have time to shop and go through the countless options out there so her narrowing down my choices was really worth it. She had a vision in mind but if I felt strongly about something that I wanted or didn’t want she wouldn’t hesitate to cater to my taste. Besides that, I totally liked working with her.

    Homeowner, Lee Redux


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    Kirsten designed our whole house, and it looks great. We love it. Kirsten is always full of energy, and her design is awesome. So many people have complimented it on everything from the style to the layout. We would definitely recommend her to anyone

    Homeowner, Twin Gables


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    Kirsten quickly picked up on our lifestyle and tastes and delivered a wonderful design. Having an expert really pays off as she had a global view and high value connections to manufacturers. She willingly came to our house at times convenient to us. Very easy to work with, and fun. We definitely would recommend her.

    Homeowner, Family Revamp


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    D3 Dimension Drafting and Design Inc was incredible in helping us design our dream home. From inspiration photos and scribbled papers, Kirsten and Jess were able to create a beautiful home with the perfect layout. The 3-dimensional renderings were an amazing tool to help us see every detail of the home

    Homeowner, Ocean Breeze House


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    Kirsten is very personable and easy to work with, but the qualities I most appreciate in her are her patience and flexibility. During the design process, I kept changing my mind several times, but Kirsten never once minded reworking the design until we both were satisfied. She kept reassuring me that interior design projects are 'works in progress - Everyone has different needs and goals, and she specializes in making the process personal, enjoyable and affordable. Kirsten was able to realize a vision based on my desires with her professional expertise, never overbearing and controlling, always keeping in mind who'll be living in the space and therefore accommodating our wants and needs above all. Whoever works with her will, I am sure, enjoy the process and will have fun creating a great home for the family. Kirsten has been great at space planning, fixture, and material/finish selection and has a wonderful eye for colours. She is full of inspired practical recommendations with a solid sense of style. Kirsten is also reasonably priced, very generous with her time, and you never once feel that money is going into fees instead of upgrades.

    All that being said, she is also very warm, kind and approachable and a truly great communicator.

    Homeowner, Ocean Close


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    The process of undertaking a renovation is far more daunting than we could have known. There are so many decisions that need to be made and every decision made impacts another choice. For those of us who do not do renovations regularly, the complexities quickly began to overshadow our end goal: a great space that we can enjoy. Kirsten helped us through the entire process. Her professionalism, knowledge and advice was invaluable and saved us a lot of time. She listened to us and guided us back to our goal when we needed it while still respecting our vision and predilections. She made an arduous endeavour easier and was most helpful in advocating on our behalf. Shopping trips with Kirsten were particularly enjoyable as we learned so much and valued her opinions and input. We would highly recommend her.

    Homeowner, Warmth and Wood


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    We have worked with Kirsten on several projects and have always been impressed with the quality of her work. She listens closely to her clients to come up with design ideas that are highly creative and beautiful yet truly functional. We highly recommend working with her for any design project – big or small.”

    Homeowner, Less is More


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    I contacted Kirsten because I have a property with an older house and I need to decide how to upgrade the property. I met with Kirsten several times to discuss the possible options. Kirsten was always on time for our meetings, she had some great ideas, and I found her to be most professional. I would recommend Kirsten as one of your first contacts should you be in need of any design services.

    Homeowner, Edinburgh Exploration


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