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Deciding to build a new home is a daunting task and even more so when you have no clue what you are doing. Enter D3 Dimension Drafting & Design. After meeting with Kirsten and her team for the first time, you get the instant relief that someone has your back throughout the entire process. Kirsten sat down with us to really understand our vision and concepts. She also really wanted to get to know us to gain a better feel for our personality - put a little bit of "us" in the build. Their excitement and energy really brought our project to life. But what really stood out was they weren't afraid to ask the difficult questions. Tell us "things weren't possible" but provided alternatives or options that turned out to be better ideas than what we were thinking. The D3 Team helped us through the very difficult City permitting process. They pivoted quickly, resolved roadblocks that the City put in front of us and always kept us updated. D3 helped in selecting a Building Contractor and provided a list that they trusted. We received a vision board, 2D/3D drawings, and a virtual design walkthrough video. Kirsten even came with us to select fixtures, finishings and paint colours on her time-off. Who else does that? The result of all their hard work, determination and service is the home we've dreamt of. The value we received far exceeded what they charged. We highly recommend Kirsten and her team. We met with many other Designers and if you asked us to do it all over again, we would select D3 every time. Thank you D3!

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