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Kirsten is very personable and easy to work with, but the qualities I most appreciate in her are her patience and flexibility. During the design process, I kept changing my mind several times, but Kirsten never once minded reworking the design until we both were satisfied. She kept reassuring me that interior design projects are 'works in progress - Everyone has different needs and goals, and she specializes in making the process personal, enjoyable and affordable. Kirsten was able to realize a vision based on my desires with her professional expertise, never overbearing and controlling, always keeping in mind who'll be living in the space and therefore accommodating our wants and needs above all. Whoever works with her will, I am sure, enjoy the process and will have fun creating a great home for the family. Kirsten has been great at space planning, fixture, and material/finish selection and has a wonderful eye for colours. She is full of inspired practical recommendations with a solid sense of style. Kirsten is also reasonably priced, very generous with her time, and you never once feel that money is going into fees instead of upgrades.

All that being said, she is also very warm, kind and approachable and a truly great communicator.

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